With over a decade of experience as a passionate Energy and Body Worker Katrina's treatments have developed a unique, nurturing quality of their own, she weaves together various therapeutic massage styles, energetic healing and the grounding medicine of mother nature. Each session is offered with the intention to be deeply healing and restorative, ultimately supporting your bodys innate ability to self heal.

I was raised on the beautiful south island of Aotearoa New Zealand, as a little one I felt nourished by the land. My sense of freedom, my creative spirit and my intuitive nature was lively, and with gratitude it has continued to remain so. As it reached the time for me to pursue a career I naturally gravitated towards the therapeutic and healing arts, I began to work as Massage Therapist and Spa Therapist, this and my curious nature took me abroad to many beautiful places, working, exploring and learning. Woven into those years of travel was my own healing journey, the deeper I dove into this the more interested I became in women's mysteries, the power of plants and the energetic realm. Upon Returning home I have refined my gifts, discovered the beauty of clairvoyance, the art of Fertility Massage Therapy, and I've lovingly crafted a small apothecary of supportive medicine. I am honoured to share these gifts with those who feel called.

With gratitude to my teachers, my qualifications and experience include, Fertility Massage Therapy, Womb Massage Therapy, Herbal Medicine Making, Reiki Healing Levels 1 & 2, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Theaputic Massage and Beauty Therapy Diploma.

With love Katrina