Rata Remedies is a boutique self care range based on both modern and traditional herbal medicine practices. Each remedy is crafted slowly, the herbal oils are infused in reflection of the lunar phases - working along side the essence of the cycles around us. Different landscapes, medicinal plants, flowers and crystals play the role of the muse in each formulation, and woven in to the range is a deep respect and reverence for nature. Every ingredient is chosen with integrity, Katrina selects herbs that are vibrant, organic, locally grown and sustanable. 

Each formulation is effectively designed to deepen and strengthen one's connection to their body through sensory awareness, the encouragement of ritual, and practices such as self massage, contemplation and meditation.  The blends have a way in evoking the feminine, a quality that is experienced through stillness, connection and receptivity.

Rata remedies is a celebration of Hand crafting and creativity, talented artist Vanja Vukelic is the creator of our signature art peice and the remedies themselves are hand made by folk herbalist Katrina, from her home apothecary in Te Waipapa - Diamond Harbour.



Herbalist / Massage Therapist

With over a decade of professional experience Katrina is a qualified massage & beauty therapist, specializing in fertility massage therapy - this interset was sparked after learing natural fertility methoods, in order to track her own personal cycle. She can be found practicing as a massage therapist, alongside many other wonderful practictioners within Flow Therapeutics Christchurch.

Katrina is currently a herbal student, studying both western herbal medicine and the local plants in the place she calls home. When not at work she is often found at home, happily lost in some form of creative outlet - painting, photography or more recently; building pottery.

Dip. Relaxation Massage & Beauty Therapy 

Cert. Fertility Massage Therapy

Cert. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 

Cert. Herbal Medicine Making 

Reiki level 1 & 2

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'Katrina was so attentive and authentic with how she wanted to reconnect me with my body, she started with a relaxation massage on my back, then as she could feel I was relaxed she massage my stomach focusing on where my c section scar is. It was one of the best massages I've ever had, she reconnected me to the part of my body I was so detached too. Katrina has so much knowledge and gave me advice on strengthening the area and learning to love it again'