Harmonise - aura balancing mist

Harmonise - aura balancing mist

A fragrant aura and space clearing mist for energetic cleansing and evoking harmony, made with the deeply calming subtle medicine of floral waters, flower essences and crystal elixirs.


The delicate scent of rose and neroli offer emotional balance, neroli in particular is extremely supportive during emotional challenges, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and greif.

The presence of kunzite helps one to remain calm, it softens and opens the heart, encouraging all forms of love. While clear quartz aids clarity and amplifies healing energies, making this mist a great companion when sitting for meditation or during the processes of change and intergration.


Spritz gently above your crown - allowing the mist to envelope your personal energetic body, or alternatively when seeking stillness mist throughout your sleeping or meditative space.

Freely allow this mist to come into contact with the skin, the floral waters in Harmonise are topically hydrating, softening and cooling, it can be utilised to refresh the physical senses and tone the skin.

  • Ingredients:

    Rose water, neroli water, rock salt, flower essence of white and purple hebe, crystal essence of kunzite and clear quartz, brandy, lucidal, spring water. 

  • Hand-crafted and organic:

    Made in Aotearoa using organic, quality, and 100% natural ingredients.

  • Note:

    For external use, discontinue use if irritation occours. 

    This mist is vegan friendly and comes in a 100ml glass bottle, please re-use or recycle.